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The core teaching of our faith is The Divine Principle. Through these teachings our love for Jesus and God is deepened and our desire to forgive, love and unite all people of all races, cultures and nationalities is embedded as a way of life.


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2018 – April 28 – ILC Vienna Session 1 – The vision and initiatives of the Universal Peace Federation

35 minutes

2 hours of Raw Video.
Audio & Video gets better toward the end.
Shadow dance and opera singing were presented well.
True Mother’s talk will need translations.
Serbian pop singer does 4 or 5 professional songs with dancers
Family Fed USA 

Weekly Update 4-27-18

7 minutes

Peace TV 

Weekly Update (4. 28. 2018)
19 minutes

1. Special 
Special Devotions for the Special March Forward Rally for the Europe and Middle East Region

2. World News
-True Family (Memorial Service for Moon Yong Su “Dae Hyeong nim”/ Memorial Service for Moon Yong Su “Dae Hyeong nim”) 
-Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (DR Congo: Muzima Family Complete blessing 430 Couples/ Thailand: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing/ Bolivia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing/ Benin: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing/ Dominican Republic: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop) 
-Peace Activities (Heavenly Korea: DMZ Peace Road for Peace and Unity on the Korean Peninsula/ Portugal: IAPP Inauguration/ Greater China Region: Inauguration of the Filial Piety Association/ Peru: Introducing FFWPU to the Afro-Peruvian Community) 
-Youth Activities (Philippines: Gradation from the 1-Year and the 120-day Tongil Moodo Training and Peace Studies Programs/ Heavenly Korea: YSP Yeongnam Region Unification Education Academic Conference/ Heavenly Africa: YSP, Hyo Jeong Character Education Material Lecturer Training Cote d’Ivoire, Rwanda, DR Congo, Liberia/Taiwan: 2018 Seonghwa Hyo Jeong Culture Festival) 
-Major Events (Official Interment Ceremony for Itinerant Missionary Ji Seng-ryeon/ Heavenly Japan: FFWPU, Joint Kick-Off for the First 120-day Special Condition/ Heavenly Korea: 35th Marriage Preparation Seminar)

3. 2018 Cheongpyeong Hyo Jeong International Azalea Festival Announcement

■ English

■2018 Cheongpyeong Hyo Jeong International Azalea Festival Announcement





Sermon Title: What’s Next?
1 1/2 hrs







Posted on the ACLC National site
Prayer Breakfast, Ambassador for Peace Awards & Blessing event

Local member Bill Connery



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SUPERNOVA Youth Events
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