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There is Power in Community

Ministers, figures in the community, musicians, performers, and public servants came together on March 30 at the Grand Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, and got all fired up during the final Prayer Breakfast before the April 6 rally. Four hundred people gathered to hear speakers share their truths about the divisions that keep us apart and the power we give to God by coming together united as diverse people. The energy started off high and just kept growing. Dr. Evon McMurray, Master of Ceremonies, said it well when she said, “There is power in prayer.”
Deputy Chief Dennis Kato of the Los Angeles Police Department shared a message that spoke on a very practical level on how the Peace Starts With Me Movement can help the Los Angeles community youth and heal members of the police department.
“When I was told by Bishop Noel Jones, ‘We have a prayer breakfast we’d like you to attend this Saturday,’ I said I would be there. He also told me he has an event at the City of Refuge Church on April 6 and I said I will be there also, along with all my captains. I really do have to thank him for bringing these guys into my life at this moment in time where I think it’s very important to build these partnerships, to build these relationships and help each other come together and reduce crime, reduce hate, reduce violence. I believe this message of Peace Starts With Me is so appropriate at this time and place in the city of Los Angeles. I want to assure everybody in this room the LAPD is here to partner with you; we’re committed to serving with you; whatever I can do, whatever the department can do to help you in your mission to make the community better, we are here.



April 6, Live Stream Info

Watch True Mother Live in Los Angeles

5 pm EDT, Saturday April 6, 2019:

Peace Starts With Me
City of Refuge, April 6, 2019


For those who will attend the event:


April 7, 2019 - Sunday Service,10:00 am

"To him who overcomes,..."

By Pastor Werner Seubert

Sunday's Bulletin

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April 5 (Lunar 3-1-1960)

True Parent's Day

Parents’ Day was the first Holy Day established in the Unification tradition. True Father established it on April 10, 1960 (March 15, according to the lunar calendar). Parents’ Day is now designated as True Parents’ Day and is celebrated on the first day of the third month of the Heavenly Calendar. The establishment of Parents’ Day followed True Parents’ engagement on March 27, 1960. It signified that God had finally established His first son and daughter as the True Parents of humankind. True Father later stated, “Parents’ Day is the first time since God created all things and humankind that there is one balanced man, one balanced woman, balanced in love, to whom God can descend and with whom He can truly be.”
April 7,1989
Three very special Blessings were held in New York in the Grand Ballroom of the World Mission Center on April 7,1989. These Blessings were unique and significant because they included three categories of blessing candidates: matched couples, previously married couples, and individuals. The 42 Couples Blessing consisted of matched couples, connected to the 1,275 Couples Blessing in Korea. The 138 Couples Blessing and 57 Members Single Blessing were composed, respectively, of previously married couples and individual members over 60 years old. It was very moving to see couples from all around the world coming to be blessed by True Parents; for some it was their first chance to see True Parents in person. There were 37 nations represented, and the oldest Single Blessing candidate was an 87 year old sister from France.
April 10, 1992
Inauguration of the Women’s Federation for World Peace
True Mother delivered the keynote address at a packed Seoul Olympic Stadium for the inauguration of the
Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) on April 10, 1992. There, she testified that “The Reverend Sun Myung Moon and I, Hak Ja Han Moon, standing in the position of the True Parents have walked the course of worldwide indemnity so that all humanity may be liberated from their bondage.”
WFWP was established as a way to empower women to rally together under the banner of peace. In his Congratulatory Address, True Father proclaimed the beginning of the “Age of Women.” Thousands answered the call, and under the direction of True Mother, began a movement that would span the globe.
Since its inception, WFWP has become a formidable voice in the struggle for women’s rights around the world.

Reminders and Up-Coming Events

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HSA 2019 Calendar - $17
June 6 to 9
24+ Connect Singles Retreat
An opportunity and resources for the 24+ Unificationist singles to connect, grow together, and prepare for future relationships.
This year’s 24+ Connect Retreat will provide an opportunity and resources for the greater 24+ Unificationist singles population to connect, grow together, and prepare for future relationships.
When: Thursday, June 6, at 5pm – Sunday, June 9.
Where: The Oaks Camp and Conference Center in the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles, California.
Who may attend: Anyone who considers themselves a member of the larger Unificationist community, who is single and between the ages of 24 and 39 years of age is welcome to attend. This includes blessed children, first generation members, jacob generation, previously matched/Blessed individuals, and members from abroad.
How: For more information and to register, check out The early bird registration deadline for a discounted rate of $249 is Sunday, April 21. From Monday, April 22, to Monday, May 21, the registration fee will be $329.
Universal Peace Federation
Calendar of Events
APR 6:
Los Angeles, CA: Peace Starts With Me
MAY 15:
International Day of Families
MAY 15:
Seoul, Korea: International Leadership Conference
JUN 1:
Global Day of Parents
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True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon: An Anthology set – $100
Or speak to Pastor Seubert
Olga Kenedy Prayer Group Leader
Olga Kenedy, our Prayer Team Leader, has a new mobile phone number: - 571-242-0337
Blessing Opportunity at Reagan National Airport
Laurence Baer has begun the process to apply for permission at Reagan airport, however, we are still looking for key supporters for this initiative.
We are seeking a few people who can commit to helping operate this Blessing table at Reagan airport. Most importantly we need someone who could be there consistently M-F for the morning period. The usual hours are 8 to 5 pm each day, and the afternoon is more possible for different people to cover.The morning period we would need a retired member or those on a different work shift,so they have enough flexibility to be consistent.
This could be a group of people who take different days, however we do need a central person to 'cover' should others not be able to make it. The time period would generally be a 1 to 2 week period in any given month.
Please contact :
Stephen Gabb
Laurence Baer:
or Mary Johnson:

We need at least one or two 'anchor' people so that we can put the application in.
Sincerely, Stephen Gabb
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April 19th - April 21st
SR2 Youth Easter fun weekend of service & camping
Durham, North Carolina, $50, Register HERE
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Monthly Education for your guests

Four different speakers
April through July.
Tuesday, April 9, 2019
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
The Washington Times Building,
3600 New York Ave, NE, Washington, DC - 3rd Floor - free parking -
Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.
There is no cost, but all attendees are required to
RSVP to the person who invited them.

Rev. James Stewart is Pastor of the Baltimore Family Church, Towson, MD. Rev. Stewart was born in Scotland in 1959. He spent his early years growing up on the Island of Malta. Educated in Scotland he joined the Unification Movement in Edinburgh at the age of 18 after graduating from high school.

James received the Marriage Blessing with Matilda Ayers from Baltimore, Maryland in New York in 1982. They have two adult children. James and Tilly have both spent many years in administrative and educational positions in both Europe and the US. They both resumed their education fulltime in the 90s and earned degrees for mental health, education and divinity.

James and Tilly returned to the America in 2001. James served with FFWPU USA at the national headquarters for several years in Washington, D.C. James and Tilly now live in their hometown of Baltimore and are Pastors for the Baltimore Family Church, working with the vision to build a safe, loving, healing and vibrant community where all can experience the substantial love of God.

Both PDF and Word versions are attached so you can print or email your invitations.

It is designed to provide non-threatening educational content to those who have received holy juice/wine as part of our 430 couple campaigns. It is available for all members to invite their couples to attend (both members of a couple don't have to attend - either member can also attend individually).
For your convenience make an electronic Holy Offering or Tithe through the link below.
Donations, Offerings, payments, etc...
or mail your check to: 9461 Silver King Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22031
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you can still watch our weekly gathering through this live streaming portal
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