July 14 - NOVA Church

"God's Providential History Never Stops"

By Dr. Ki Hoon Kim

(audio begins at 19.5 min)
July 21 in Korea
Last weeks Live Broadcast of:
Chungcheong Region's

2019 Hyo Jeong,

True Family & Hope Festival


Pastor Judith Lejeune


July 28, 2 to 6 pm - Cook out at the Jenkins home!

You're invited to the Manassas Cook-Out with James Jenkins. (Sign-up Links Below) Date: 7/28/2019, Time: 2 pm to 6 pm Location: 10016 Cypress Branch Lane Manassas, VA 20110 Please RSVP so we can get an accurate headcount!
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July 29 to August 3


Make sure to take a look at Camp Shehaqua. A one-week retreat from the crazy life in the city. Great for kids of all ages, adults of all ages. Create some unforgettable memories. More Info at Co-directors: Doug Ashley, Daniel Hess, and Levy Daugherty Register at

August 4

NOVA Members to Visit Churches

Visiting Churches

First Sunday Morning of Each Month, Starting August 4th

NOVA Sunday Service Will Be at 5:00 PM on First Sunday of Month

We encourage members to visit Christian churches on the first Sunday of each month starting August 4th. NOVA will have an evening service at 5:00 pm at our Church on these Sundays.


This is to prepare for our big rally on November 16th. It is better to visit with your partners to attend their services. (More details coming soon)

Please email or text to Mrs. Yokoyama or Zenas Rush (Youth leader) if you need partners or churches.

Also, if you have adopted churches, please let us know (Pastor Werner or Mrs.Yokoyama) so we don’t overlap on churches and cause confusion.

Michiko Yokoyama 703-309-9082

Zenus Rush 410-245-1964

Pastor Werner 703-409-2580

Universal Peace Federation

Events Calendar


Clark Eberly NVFC Council

Call Clark Eberly

at 703-869-9627


Blessing Opportunity at DCA,

Reagan National Airport

The table anchors will be Randy & Kumiko Francis, Henri and Loretta Schauffler, and Susan Fefferman.
Time slots will be available from May 16 - May 29.
9 am - 1 pm; and 1 pm - 5 pm.
We are permitted to have a maximum of 3 people at the table at any one time so we can't guarantee any particular slot but will try to accommodate requests.
To request a time slot, please email:
We are authorized to have the table for 14 days in each 30 day period, and then we need to reapply for the next 30 days. In order to allow more people to participate, we are limiting each family to 3 slots per 14 day period.
Dulles Airport

Blessing Opportunity at IAD, Dulles International Airport

Choose your best time schedule and Contact Emmanuel Ossok at


The 4th Sunday each Month
Northern Virginia will have a
"Friends & Family Service"

Let’s celebrate our friends and family with a Sunday service dedicated to sharing our faith and living for the sake of others. Let’s celebrate our friends and family with a Sunday service dedicated to sharing our faith and living for the sake of others.
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Every Sat. - Divine Principle Overview: 12:00–2:00pm. RSVP/ register at 703-528-4142 or Light lunch provided.
Every Weds, 9:00-9:21 pm.
Weekly National Prayer:
Join at: or 1 669 900 6833; Meeting ID: 796 836 2462 to pray for unity, love and forgiveness in America and around world.


An image of...

$15 at the NOVA Learning Center


$100 at the NOVA Learning Center
or speak to Pastor Seubert


Pastor - Werner Seubert -
Youth MinistryTetsuya Nomura -
Young Adult Ministry - Emmanuel Ossok
Sunday School DirectorShinnan Goto -
Prayer MinistryOlga Kenedy -
Marriage and Family MinistryJudie Lejeune

NOVA Council

meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday, 12:30 pm at the Learning Center and on conference call.
Donations, Offerings, payments, etc...
make a Holy Offering or Tithe through the link or mail your check to: 9461 Silver King Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22031
If you cannot be with us on Sunday, watch this live streaming portal

National Victory Fund

President Dunkley speaks on behalf of Heavenly America to explain the National Victory Fund.

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