Kasumi Yamazaki, a girl, small and healthy, born 1 month early to Mr. and Mrs. Yamazaki March 25th,


Bill & Donna Selig are moving to San Francisco in April so, we will give them a special “send-off and good wishes” Sunday

Heaven is Gathering at the City of Refuge, Los Angeles, CA

April 5th and 6th:

Peace Starts with Me - LA Rally
Sizzle Reel (video)
PSWM: Youth Revival
video Explanation

Saturday (today)

March 30, 1 pm

Sing Tongil

For the Unity of North and South Korea
Today, Saturday at 1PM, youth from DC, MD, and VA will gather at the National Monument to record a short video and sing Tongil, the song of unity, so that we can advocate the Reunification of Korea!
This is an international effort to show support for Korea, and even several communities throughout the US, including District 1, will be taking part in this project.
Afterwards, we'll likely have time to enjoy each other's company and perhaps see some cherry blossoms in bloom! If you're interested and able to join us for this visit to DC, please let Zenas or me know so that we can find a way to organize rides.

Melissa Insoon Manor
Hey Guys! Imagine being able to play a role in supporting the reunification of North and South Korea.... Well we have an opportunity!!! There is a choral project being created where people from lots of different countries are singing "Tongil" and they are creating a larger video combining those together. If you would like to be a part of this I will be at Melford at 12pm Saturday March 30th and will be driving a group of us to the Washington Monument to record with DC and VA youth. Let me know if you are interested so we can make sure we have enough cars. We can chill and play sports afterwards too! Check out this sight for more info:


March 31, 2019 - Sunday Service,10:00 am

"Be Like a Sunflower and Follow the Sun"

By Dr. William Selig

Sunday's Bulletin

Live Stream


April 1, 1980 – Today's World Published
Today’s World served as the Unification Church’s leading international missionary news magazine for thirty-two years, from April 1, 1980 through 2012. It included sermons of True Father and church leaders; extensive coverage, including glossy photographs, of the True Family and their activities; historical testimonies; and reports from missionary outposts in Africa, South America, the Middle East, Oceania and southern Asia. It provided an indispensable account of international Unificationists, indexed by year, during its years of publication. In its earlier years, Today’s World was published out of New York. During the 1990s, it and the movement’s World Mission Department relocated to Korea. After 2012, Today’s World was superseded by Internet and e-publications, notably iPeaceTV and True Peace Magazine, which provide international coverage.

Reminders and Up-Coming Events

40 day Prayer for True Mother and April 6 Blessing in LA.
1. True Mother’s health and absolute victory as we march towards 2020.
2. All American blessed central families lay the foundation of victory through active Tribal Messiahship.
3. Top Christian and political leaders in the USA recognize True Parents’ great work, and honor our True Mother this year.
4. Absolute victory of our 5,000 Couples’ Blessing with True Mother in Los Angeles on April 6, 2019.
5. That America fulfill its responsibility as Elder Son Nation and serve the world.
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TM- M-ofPeaceApril6Flyer
Saturday, April 6, True Mother is coming to Los Angeles. She is excited to visit America again, and will be speaking at the
City of Refuge Church
in front of 5,000 blessed couples.
Preparations are going strong, and everyone in Sub-Region 5 is excited to welcome True Mother to the West Coast. We feel this time is very significant in the providence, when True Parents are invited to speak at a mega Christian church after a large Blessing is conducted in the church.
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True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon: An Anthology set – $100
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HSA 2019 Calendar - $17
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April 19th - April 21st
SR2 Youth Easter fun weekend of service & camping
Durham, North Carolina, $50, Register HERE
For your convenience make an electronic Holy Offering or Tithe
or mail your check to: 9461 Silver King Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22031

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