August 1st

Happy Day of God's Eternal Blessings,

The declaration of Chil Pal Jeol was made on the foundation of completing the blessing of 3.6 million couples. True Parents declared that God was finally able to take his “Cosmic Sabbath,” and that God’s eternal resting place can be in the hearts and homes of every Blessed family.
August 4 and each first Sunday
We encourage members to visit Christian churches on the first Sunday of each month starting August 4th. NOVA will have an evening service at 5:00 pm at our Church on these Sundays.
August 4 and each first Sunday

Guidelines for Visiting Churches

Mrs. Hiraki (The spiritual mother of Bishop. Noel Jones) said we should sit down in the back of the worship hall and dress nicely. ( Be humble)

August 4th - NOVA Sunday Service Will Be at 5:00 PM

Peace must first be realized in the individual and in the family because this forms the basis for all human organizations and systems. Core issues of world peace depend on the question of how peace can be attained within the individual and the family.
Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon


Pastor - Werner Seubert -
Youth MinistryZenas Rush -
Young Adult Ministry - Emmanuel Ossok
Sunday School DirectorShinnan Goto -
Prayer MinistryOlga Kenedy -
Marriage and Family MinistryJudie Lejeune

NOVA Council

meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday, 12:30 pm at the Learning Center and on conference call.
Donations, Offerings, payments, etc...
make a Holy Offering or Tithe through the link or mail your check to: 9461 Silver King Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22031
If you cannot be with us on Sunday, watch our live streaming.
Watch 5 pm on each 1st Sunday. Watch 10 am on other Sundays
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