HJ Global News (01.23.2021)


Holy Community Meetups:

8 PM Mondays
- Hoon-Dok-Hwe and Sharing with Pastor Werner Seubert use the password "nova"
(8 PM Daily Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and 10 AM Sunday)
- Mississippi Meetup Mondays with Pastor Steven Wilson
(7:00 PM Central)

More Updates of DMV (DC, MD, & VA) Local Holy Community Leaders to be announced soon

DMV Holy Community Survey Info

DMV Holy Community Survey Letter from Asst. Pastor Highmy Her
It is our desire to utilize the community system to give a personal touch to every family member and strengthen each community to use their strengths, talents and dreams to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion and ultimately support the goal of 1000 Holy Communities.

If you want tp help please take the DMV Community Survey

Morning Devotion

6 AM Daily Morning Devotion

3rd 40-Day Jeongseong Condition Jan 14 to Feb 22 or participate at:
Review the 60 plus episodes at:
Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 PM are Rev. Yong's extended education at
If you haven't done so, please Submit Your Blessed Family Information through this online form.
Thank you to those who have filled out this online form.

2021 Calendar

Celebrating the Life and Ministry of our True Parents every day of the year!

Order 2021 'flip calendar from USA HQ's Store
Orders of 10 or more 2021 Calendars will receive an automatic 25% discount in the shopping cart!
Photos this year have been carefully selected to depict the ministry of our True Parents across the years. The calendar includes our main holidays, holy days, anniversaries, major American dates, and important holidays of other religions.
13 pages, 13x19 inches
(View a 2021 Wall calendar on line at

Online Holy Communities

True Mother's Online Holy Community Slide Presentation

Online Holy Communities will Increase, Grow, and Multiply
Across North America, USA, our Sub-Region, our State, and our Local Communities
Register your special and unique Holy Community

Read the details, definitions, and Heavenly direction

Updates of DMV (DC, MD, & VA) Local Holy Community Leaders are to be announced soon

Online Holy Community Leader Application Form

Goals for a Unified Korea and a Unified World

TMs Goals for 2027
Young Adult Retreat 2-6-2021, SATURDAY, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

Faith & Focus

A young adult retreat exploring ways to relate to your Unificationist faith practically and powerfully
Session 1: Bringing your Faith into Practice

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Make Donations and Offerings here:

The NOVA Community has Merged with the DMV community. The DC pastor, Dr Achille is now leading our DMV heavenly community. You may offer donations directly to the larger community through
Donations, Offerings, payments, etc...
DMV area