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Last Week's Anniversaries

April 6, Video Gift from Noel Jones to True Mother

One year anniversary of the Peace Starts With Me Blessing America rally in Gardena, California where City of Refuge megachurch pastor Bishop Noel Jones personally invited Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) and affectionately known as True Mother, to give the keynote address. Bishop Jones sent a heartfelt video message to True Mother on March 30, 2020, sending his love to her and thanking her for coming to his church last year.

April 8, True Parent's 60th Holy Wedding Anniversary (1960)

Buddha's birthday (563 BC), Jewish Passover (about 1300 BC. The 10th plague marks the Exodus from Egypt)

April 10,

28th Anniversary: WFWP Founded & 1,265 Couples Blessing 1992

Good Friday Christians are lost and waiting for His Return
The work of the Women's Federation for World Peace on each continent speaks for itself and also here in the United States, where we can now see the fruit of many years of investment.

April 12 , Sunday 11 am The National Ministry Team presents:

FFWPU National EASTER Service

At 12:15 Link to SR2's weekly Sunday Zoom Call


Join us this Sunday, 11am (EST), together with Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and Rev. Demian Dunkley for an inspirational EASTER Service hosted by Kaeleigh Moffitt.

At or at the FamilyFed Facebook page.

April 12 also is the 34th Anniversary of

The Engagement and Blessing of 36 Second Generation Couples

Words of Sun Myung Moon and photos from 1986 Blessing


10 pm Daily: a 40 Day Prayer Call

Every Day, Any Time: 40 Day Online Divine Principle series

10 pm EST Mondays: True Family Values series

ACLC Women In Ministry started the 40 day 20 min prayer for healing of the nation and the world on March 18 and it will end on April 26. Another 40 days will continue with Young Clergy Leadership Conference, (YCLC).
ACLC-Daily and Weekly calls

9 am, Monday with YAYAM's EMPOWER HOUR: Link in and Signup web page

YAYAM ZoomCalls

2:00 pm Tuesdays, EST, Sub-Region 2 Connect Call

Password: 012589 (If it requests.)
This SR2 Call is to offer a time to connect and hear from you and your community. We will make time for everyone who attends to share and ask questions. This is a time of challenge and change and we look forward to working together to bring the love and truth of True Parents into many more homes across the Sub-Region 2. JOIN the zoom call
Ernest Patton, Southeaster Regional Director, FFWPU-USA

9 pm Tuesdays Tribal Messiahs share: call or Zoom

Tribenet website or Tribenet facebook group


9:00 - 9:21 pm, Wednesday - NATIONAL PRAYER CALL

1) True Mother’s health and long life. 2) Unification of North and South Korea. 3) Fulfillment of our National Offering Table as the Elder Son Nation. 4) Victory of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs vertically and horizontally so that at least 1,200 families may be qualified to enter into the CheonBo Won by True Father’s Ascension Anniversary. 5) Strengthening the witnessing environment in cooperation with ACLC, UPF, WCLC, and WFWP activities.
6) That top Christian and political leaders in the U.S. recognize True Parents’ great work and honor our True Mother. 7) For our second generation to inherit True Parents’ tradition and become leaders in the providence toward national restoration.
8) For humanity to overcome the current worldwide health challenge recognizing collectively that we need God.

9 pm Thursdays: Realms of True Love Connect Groups

BFM April ConnectGroups

Other National Online resources can be found at

Next Week's Anniversaries

April 15: Tax Day

April 16: The 60th 3-Couple Blessing, and the Jewish Passover ends

April 22: Earth Day
April 23: Ramadan Begins
April 26: 5th phase of 400 Million Couples Blessing

April 27: The 18th Anniversary of 144'000 CLERGY COUPLES BLESSING

Please Pray for Good Health & Recovery of

TIM DAVIS of North Carolina: diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer

RICHARD SAPP, Florida: diagnosed with congestive heart failure

JAMES STEWART & MARY BANGURA: both diagnosed with cancer

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