Nightly Fellowship Zoom Call:

8PM Hoon Dok Hwe and Sharing

This Week in the World:

ILC celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Universal Peace Federation –

Date: 7.24-26 by the Heavenly Calendar (Friday, September 11 – 13, 2020)

SEP 11: The First Virtual International Leadership Conference (ILC) will have three parallel programs in three "Regional Clusters":- Asia Pacific [Korea, Japan, and the Asia Pacific],

- EUME-Africa [EUME and Africa], and

- Americas [North, Central and South America plus the Caribbean].

SEP 12: 15th Anniversary of UPF's Founding

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s inaugural address

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, Founder, Universal Peace Federation –

(Video from Lincoln Center, NY, Monday, September 12, 2005)


September events in Korea:

Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World

Date: 8.11 by the Heavenly Calendar (September 27, 2020), at 10 am

Cheon Seung Jeon (building) Grand Dedication Ceremony –

Date: 8.11 by the Heavenly Calendar (September 27, 2020)

Victory Celebration –

Date: 8.12 by the Heavenly Calendar (September 28, 2020)

Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly –

Date: 8.12-13 by the Heavenly Calendar (September 28-29, 2020)


October in Korea:

Cheonbo Festival

Commemorating the 8th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon,

True Parent of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind –

Date: 8.24 by the Heavenly Calendar (October 10, 2020), at 10 am. This will include an induction ceremony of CheonBo couples.)

2020 Special Blessing Ceremony –

Date: 8.24 by the Heavenly Calendar (October 10, 2020), at 2 pm
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