July 26: National Parents Day 2020

(Every 4th Sunday of July)
The Annual National Parents' Day 2020 will recognize outstanding couples who made great sacrifices and gave their lives for their children and family on Sunday at 4 PM.

Contestants and Details

Twelve couples emerged as finalists from twenty-eight nominations coming from different states and from different organizations.
From among the finalists, one couple will be selected as the National Outstanding Parents' of the Year 2020 and will be recognized via a virtual awarding ceremony slated on Sunday, July 26th from 4 PM.

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PEACE ROAD EVENTS July 26 thru Aug 6

Heavenly Parent's Holy Community of SOUTHEAST SUB-REGION 2

Actively and Safely Participate in Peace Road and Reconciliation Events

Dear Brothers and Sisters of SR2:
Please see the attached Google slides presentation to help you understand the spirit and purpose of Peace Road 2020 and programs planned for each stop along the route during our subregion’s portion of the national tour. Hopefully, the local Meet-ups this Sunday will continue the discussion and answer more of your questions.
Connect with your local pastors and leaders to see how you can personally contribute spiritually, physically and financially to the success of this historical initiative started by our True Parents in 1981 and continuing today through True Mother’s guidance and vision.
This will be our summer celebration of intergenerational and national unity. To help document this historic Peace Road, a national caravan will be traveling to 3 events in our subregion: DC, Charleston and Atlanta. It will all be streamed live on Facebook and we will have Peace Road; flag pennants, t-shirts, hats, banners, etc. helping to make it a festive and memorable occasion for all.

Full Letter from Ernest Patton

Google Slide Details

Heavenly Parents Holy Community of


Women leaders and organizations working to solve pressing social issues and secure an environment for equitable human development…
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GLOBAL FRIENDS of organizations, companies, movements, shows, and trailblazing personalities who believe in and adhere to core peace tenets…Read More
#GIVING FOR GOOD to Spread awareness of environmental issues, while encouraging sustainable practices, such as buying and selling secondhand. Read More
BECOME A FRIEND to Stand for Values & Make Peace A Priority: Count me into this network of women leaders and activists igniting the culture of heart…Read More
BRIDGE OF PEACE is A transforming experience of repentance and forgiveness, building peace-making partnerships and sisterhood bonds across lines of division…Read More
SCHOOLS OF AFRICA! In order to restore the bright future of Africa, with your support, WFWP will continue to implement needed educational and vocational programs in 10 schools in 8 African countries…Read More
1% LOVE SHARE is An ongoing donation campaign targeting our international human family…Read More
ARABIC LITERACY PROJECT is improving literacy and providing tools to deal with life in Jordan…Read More
HER STORY AWARD is Honoring extraordinary accomplishments of extra-ordinary women…Read More
WOMEN HELPING WOMEN is a Purse Drive supporting local women’s shelters…Read More
DAY OF SERVICE is an educational for youth to discover how “Leadership begins with Service” …Read More
WFWP GIRLS are Girls, ages 6 to 14, bringing peace through the logic of love and kindness…Read More
TABOO TALKS are a WFWP Video Series addressing issues that matter…Read More

Heavenly Parents Holy Community of



Heavenly Parents Holy Community of



Matching & Blessing Application Center

To start your application, you will need to create a login. Once you log in, you can start your applications, which will be located on the panel on the right side. You can save your applications by clicking on [SAVE] at the bottom of the page.

Download Simple Tutorial

Getting Started

The online application consists of these three parts:

Part 1: Matching Candidate Application: this application will qualify you as a candidate to receive the Marriage Blessing. (In the case that a couple is already matched, this form must still be completed prior to beginning Part 2).
Part 2: Matching Report Application: this application is the official report of your match.
Part 3: Blessing Ceremony Application: this application will register your matched couple to receive the Marriage Blessing.
Note: Matched couples must submit all three of the above applications before receiving the Marriage Blessing.
See: what you will need to submit.

Heavenly Parents Holy Community of Universal Peace Federation, (UPF)


AUG 1: Sunhak 2020 Peace Motion Graphics Competition

AUG 9: Online Rally of Hope

AUG 19: UN World Humanitarian Day

SEP 21: UN International Day of Peace

SEP 21: UPF-UK: Seeking Racial Harmony


July 24, 2020,

Anniversary of the 124-Couple Blessing

July 25, 2020, 12th Anniversary of the Entrance into Cheon Jeong Gung and Coronation of True Parents as the King & Queen of Cosmic Peace (L)
July 26, 1994,
Founding of Youth Federation
July 26, 2020,
Anniversary of the 5th Phase of the 400 Million-Couple Blessing

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