Dear brothers and sisters,

Here is President Dunkley's video about our current national mission

  • The National Victory Fund, (NVF), has been created for CIG Blessed Families to offer a hyojeong legacy pledge of $5,000 to culminate the True Parents’ 50-year providence in America, and True Mother’s 7-year course as the Only Begotten Daughter.
  • The NVF allows us to pay for True Mother's peace rallies in America, where we are proclaiming to 7.6 billion people globally that the True Parents are on earth. From America, the Peace Rallies can go viral.
  • The very successful Peace Starts With Me rallies have made it possible for blessed families in America to fulfill our historic destiny to "receive the Messiah" as a Christian nation, as God hoped we could have done 50 years ago! It's not too late!
  • Many Christian pastors are now accepting True Mother as the Only Begotten Daughter and are planning Blessings for their congregations. This is a miracle! At each Peace Rally or event, we are blessing ministers, legislators, women leaders, organization leaders, young families and faithful young people.
  • The NVF is seeking to fulfill a $5,000,000 goal by Dec 2019, through full giving or by monthly pledges made until Dec 2020. A portion of the funds will be sent to overseas mission on behalf of the blessed families of America, including all Tribe members. This will begin the substantial supporting of the activities to build CIG in nations that need the support of the Elder Son Nation. Let us give with pride and joy!
  • The two online options for Pledging can be found in the following link from the Family Federation website, front page right hand side:
  1. You may offer the full $5,000 online or you may offer by installments between now and Dec 2020. For instance, if you begin a monthly pledge in September, you will give $313/mo until December 2020 and that will cover the $5,000. You may pledge any amount that you are able to offer. Or you may feel inspired to give additionally. Remember this is not a regular donation or tithing, it is a legacy offering.
  2. You may also offer by check. Please make check payable to "HSA UWC" and write in memo "National Victory Fund. Send it to the Family Federation USA HQ at FFWPU Finance Office, 481 8th Avenue, Box A-12, NY, NY 10001
  • The most important thing is that we all give with great sincerity from our hearts, to offer our love and lives to True Mother and True Father. This offering allows us to respond to True Mother's request that as her HyoJeong children we "give all we have" for the world. We are praying that between now and December, all blessed families will say YES and go ALL IN nationwide to stand up as CIG Hyojeong Families for the Elder Son Nation.
Please say YES to bring a beautiful gift to True Parents and let's have a joyful journey to December 28th, where we will all stand together with True Mother at the Worldwide Clergy Leadership Rally!!

Much love and blessings to your family

Mrs. Pamela Stein

National Victory Fund Coordinator

Watch Last week's Leadership Conference, "True Mother's Vision For America and World Providence" President Damien Dunkley, "Every region and every state has committed to 2 main goals". "THE VICTORY FUND and Mobilization for December 28"

Vimeo Part 1: Dunkley, Jenkins, Grouse -

Vimeo Part 2: Dr. Ki Hoon Kim -

Sept. 10,Tuesday, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Monthly Speaker: Fr Bayo Adrian

The Washington Times Building, 3600 New York Ave, NE, Washington, DC - 3rd Floor - free parking - Coffee and light refreshments will be provided - There is no cost, but all attendees are required to RSVP to the person who invited them.

Sept 19, 11 am to 1:30 pm PRAYER BRUNCH 9-19-2019

ACLC will hold a Prayer Brunch at Nova Family Church on Thursday, September 19th, 11:00 am - 1:30 pm. Please invite new Pastor contacts. The Guest Speaker will be Dr. Glovinia Williams. Please RSVP to Mrs. Yokoyama by phone: 703-309-9082 or by Email:

Use this FLYER to invite your guest pastors.

Aug 28 to Sept 22 - DONATE SCHOOL SUPPLIES for our sister church in Allen Town, Sierra Leon, Africa. Supplies and donation$ will be collected in the NVFC foyer. Needed: Backpacks, Books, Pencils, Pens, Erasers, pouches, and Binders. Questions? Contact: Mary Bangura at More info on this FLYER


SEP 21: VIRGINIA PEACE ROAD EVENT - More Information is coming....


Please pray for True Mother's victory in all of her events

September 6 – Blessing in Sao Tome, island off the coast of Africa.

The President invited True Mother and ignored the Bishop of the country who didn’t want her to come.

September 29 – Rally of 40,000 in Korea

October 6 – Rally of 40,000 in Nagoya, Japan
October 27 – True Family Blessing Festival in Albania
November 1 – 3 - Korean Clergy Leadership Conference in Seoul

(bringing of Korean and American clergy together to welcome True Mother)

November 9 – Launching of True Mother’s autobiography
November 18 – “Asia Pacific Summit and Leader’s Conference”

at the Cambodian Presidential Peace Palace

November 20 – Blessing of 50,000 in Cambodia
November 23 – Rally of 10,000 in Taiwan
November (?) – True Family Blessing Festival in Palau
December 7 – Blessing of 200,000 in South Africa

December 28 – The launching of 30,000 World Clergy Leaders Conference and takes place in the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.