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“The Seven Secrets of Sound Healing”

With Ahmad Nadimi



June 21 ( 2:30 pm EDT)
June 22 (11 am EDT)

Peace Starts With Me Unity Festival

Live Broadcasts
June 21, Friday - ACLC
Convocation 2019 Dinner Banquet, 5:30 pm, Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas,
Live broadcast: 2:30 pm EDT (5 languages)

June 22, Saturday -
Peace Starts With Me Unity Festival, 2 pm, MGM Hotel, Las Vegas
Live broadcast: 11 am EDT (5 languages)


June 23, 10 am

“Simple Steps

By Pastor Werner Seubert

12:30 pm NOVA Council Meeting, at the Learning Center, or Call in 1-866-771-8787 ID# 912783


June 25
Frank Kaufmann

Dr. Frank Kaufmann

International Educator and Interfaith Leader

“The Family is God’s Original Peace Institution”

Dr Kaufmann is a leader of Filial Projects, Prayer Spark, New World Encyclopedia, Values in Knowledge Foundation, and the Inter Religious Federation for World Peace. The Doctor works for peace in over 65 countries with successes in conflict ridden and violent environments. His partners in this work include top world leaders both in religion and in the secular sphere.
Monthly Education for Guests: Spiritually Strengthening Marriages and Families

Rev. Claire Daugherty:

International Speaker and Authority on Angels

“Angels Can Help Your Marriage And Family”

As part of the monthly speaker series for Strengthening Marriages and Families at The Washington Times Building, June 11 features Rev. Claire Daugherty is a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother to a large clan of over 60 ranging from 7 months to 73. In the last 2 years she has visited nearly 30 countries leading workshops to empower participants to actively create a personal circle of Angels to help them in any aspect of their lives.
Monthly Education for Guests: Spiritually Strengthening Marriages and Families


Defined by President Demian Dunkley
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In this video, I try to express the context, meaning, and value of the National Victory Fund. Yes, I know it’s 25 minutes long, but it is still way too short to convey all the incredible things that are happening, and the depth and value of all that our blessed families across America have contributed to get us this far in the Providence. Every single thing that we can contribute now counts much more than ever before.
Please be a part of this National Victory Fund. Discuss with your family members, or if you need, work together with other families and friends to make it possible. We are asking each family in America to donate $5,000 to the National Victory Fund, such that we can claim total victory by 2020.
You can either donate $5,000 now, or pledge a monthly amount to complete the donation by Dec. 31, 2020. Visit the donation page with video for some of the options. WATCH VIDEO
Thank you for contributing to such an important part of our total victory!

God Bless you,
Rev. Demian Dunkley


Blessing Opportunity Reagan National Airport
The table anchors will be Randy & Kumiko Francis, Henri and Loretta Schauffler, and Susan Fefferman.
Time slots will be available from May 16 - May 29.
9 am - 1 pm; and 1 pm - 5 pm.
We are permitted to have a maximum of 3 people at the table at any one time so we can't guarantee any particular slot but will try to accommodate requests.
To request a time slot, please email:
We are authorized to have the table for 14 days in each 30 day period, and then we need to reapply for the next 30 days. In order to allow more people to participate, we are limiting each family to 3 slots per 14 day period.
Dulles Airport

Blessing Opportunity at Dulles International Airport

Choose your best time schedule and Contact Emmanuel Ossok at


Thank you for participating in our Southeast SR2 40 days of prayer

DP Book
Every Sat. - Divine Principle Overview: 12:00–2:00pm. RSVP/ register at 703-528-4142 or Light lunch provided.
Every Weds, 9:00-9:21 pm.
Weekly National Prayer:
Join at: or 1 669 900 6833; Meeting ID: 796 836 2462 to pray for unity, love and forgiveness in America and around world.

NOVA Council

meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday, 12:30 pm at the Learning Center and on conference call.
The 4th Sunday each Month
Northern Virginia will have a
"Friends & Family Service"

Let’s celebrate our friends and family with a Sunday service dedicated to sharing our faith and living for the sake of others. Let’s celebrate our friends and family with a Sunday service dedicated to sharing our faith and living for the sake of others.


Will and Clair Stein are offering a limited time scholarship opportunity for District One, second-generation, making their first-time visit to the "HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center". Contact Pastor Jim (410 562 8317) or the Steins directly. (202 777 2039).

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True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon: An Anthology set – $100 or speak to Pastor Seubert
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$17 at the NOVA Learning Center


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