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NOVA New Year Celebration

Amazing, Joyful, United
2 hour video

Friendly DP Overview

24 videos by Andrew Compton
(average time 26 min each)


March 16, 2019 - Family World Peace Festival (10 am – 2 pm)

the Learning Center, 9461 Silver King Ct,, Fairfax, Virginia 22031
Read flyer Sessions include:
- The Role and Necessity of the Family for Sustainable Development
* Family and sustainability
* Current challenges to families to development and maintain peace
- Essential Elements for Peace
- World Peace Interfaith Blessing of Families


March 17, 2019 - NOVA Mini-FAMICON (10:00 am – 1:30 pm)

No Registration – No Cost, Normal Sunday Lunch to follow, Yes – there will be Sunday School and Music -
lots of music
Interactive activities:
- How to do the blessing in different environments.
- How to find all the tools and materials you need to do your blessings.
- Testimonies
- How to claim and report your blessings
- Connect with a couple, create a trinity or team to help you build your tribe

Reminders and Up-Coming Events

40 day Prayer for True Mother and April 6 Blessing in LA.
1. True Mother’s health and absolute victory as we march towards 2020.
2. All American blessed central families lay the foundation of victory through active Tribal Messiahship.
3. Top Christian and political leaders in the USA recognize True Parents’ great work, and honor our True Mother this year.
4. Absolute victory of our 5,000 Couples’ Blessing with True Mother in Los Angeles on April 6, 2019.
5. That America fulfill its responsibility as Elder Son Nation and serve the world.
Read Prayer Condition
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HSA 2019 Calendar - $17
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True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon: An Anthology set – $100
March 23 - WFWP
Sat, March 23, 1-5 PM, 3600 New York Ave NE, DC
Donation: $15, ($5 goes to Schools of Africa Project)
For more info call 240-554-7594
W W W . W F W P . U S
Read Flyer...
Saturday, April 6, True Mother is coming to Los Angeles. She is excited to visit America again, and will be speaking at the
City of Refuge Church
in front of 5,000 blessed couples.
Preparations are going strong, and everyone in Sub-Region 5 is excited to welcome True Mother to the West Coast. We feel this time is very significant in the providence, when True Parents are invited to speak at a mega Christian church after a large Blessing is conducted in the church.
Read More/Donate
April 13
WFWP Social Transformation and Family Values by Women of Faith
10:30 to 12:30, $5.00 for lunch
For your convenience make an electronic Holy Offering or Tithe
or mail your check to: 9461 Silver King Ct, Fairfax, Virginia 22031

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