We are Permanently Closing the NOVA Learning Center


Notice to Clear NOVA LC of All Supplies and Memories

Contact Shin Nan Goto <shinnan.goto@gmail.com> for details


Organizing by leadership to set aside items that can go to the community

The NOVA community will then be invited to come to the Learning Center

to pick up any items that they wish to keep.


A U-haul will take some items to the TIMES and some for the Dump

Bernard Herrera will lead this project and Needs volunteers to help


Possibly February 13th will be when the community can come out to claim any items that they would like.

This is going to be a substantial undertaking that will require support across our community.

If you are available to support please Contact Shin Nan Goto <shinnan.goto@gmail.com> for details


Also, there will be Bi-Weekly Mid-Week Service for Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community soon

Contact Shin Nan Goto <shinnan.goto@gmail.com> for details