Sunday Jan 12, 2020 Bulletin

Congregational Songs:

Grace of the Holy Garden
I Can See Clearly Now
Song of the Banquet

Opening Prayer

Greet Your Neighbors


Performance Song

Holy Scripture

“Youth Testimonies”

MC: Zenas Rush

Tithes & Offering


Closing Song:
Higher Ground


Love one another, as I have loved you.” John 15:12

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Help the Council Find A New Home for NOVA Family Church:

Nam Brogan at

Werner Seubert at

Contact a council member and join the next council meeting.

Jan 25            53rd Heavenly Parent’s Day

(formerly “God’s Day”)


Jan 30                        True Parents’ Birthday


Feb 6  Foundation Day 19th Anniversary for the Coronation Ceremony for The Kingship of God

24+ Connect Singles Retreat! | Register Now

April 4-7, 2020

Quarryville, PA 17566

Don’t miss out on an awesome extended weekend in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.  Take a step away from the busyness of work, meet new people from across America, enjoy an array of outdoor activities, and make some meaningful connections with other single young professionals.

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Important Bus and Ticket Details for NOVA Members For Trip to NJ Dec.28th

Important Bus and Ticket Details for NOVA Members For Trip to NJ Dec.28th

 1.   Registration on PeaceStartsWithMe website DOES NOT guarantee a RIDE on the Bus.

2.   The bus is Free.  The tickets for the event is Free.

3.   You must have a ticket to get into the Prudential Center.  Register Here:  

4.   Tickets for the event will be distributed through your local pastor or his designee.

5.   Those taking the bus will get their event tickets once on the bus.

6.   Those registered for a ticket will be contacted to inquire if you need a space on the bus.

7.   Those going by private transportation have to make arrangements with the Pastor or his designated helpers to get tickets before your departure.

8.   People going as Choir, Youth Workshop participants, Dancers, or WCLC participants will get their tickets in Newark through their respective programs.