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Also Local Families Can Help

Let Us Become a Vehicle of Love for the Patton Family

We are a Community of Love and Action

The Patton family ha​ve​ given their lives to our members and community for many, many years now.  Even though they became District Pastors, their hearts have always been with NOVA and have continued to serve our every need.   Many of you have been touched by their love and support in times of need.  NOW THEY NEED US.


Because Ernest and Keiko are spending 24 hours a day taking care of Caroline they are exhausted and could use a little love from anyone able to offer:

FOOD:  Anything you can bring will be gratefully appreciated.  Even Keiko is exhausted and it is hard for her to cook for the family.


  1. Ernest and Keiko can never out at the same time because someone must always be there with Caroline.  Offering your time to stay with Caroline for 2 hours or more at your convenience, this would be so very much appreciated.
  2. If someone, or a couple of people, could come and clean their house once a week or once every two weeks, this would bring great joy to their hearts.

DONATIONS:  Medical expenses have become a great burden

source of concern and worry.  We give to so many worthy causes and this cause is right in our own backyard and in our hearts.  Please make a donation if you are so moved at: https://www.gofundme.com/supportforcaroline


You can call Ernest directly to set up times for any of the above needs at:  703-627-3221 or email epatton7@gmail.com. You may also contact Judie Lejeune at 703-638-4098 or email parentsheart88@gmail.com

Their address is:   5637 S 7th Place, Arlington, VA 22204

Caroline Patton GoFundMe

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