Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarships Awarded to SR2 2nd Gen

 Dr. Ki Hoon Kim came to our Washington DC metro unified Sunday Service. All three participants supporting the service were able to receive their awards directly.

The generous 2020 Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarships were awarded to 3 righteous students in SubRegion 2 on March 8.   Dr. Ki Hoon Kim came to the Washington DC metro area for a unified Sunday Service and all three participants were supporting the service and were able to receive their awards directly from Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of North America.  Each recipient expressed deep appreciation for this unexpected blessing from True Parents.  Each recognized that this award reflects True Parents’ deep love and sincere commitment to the current and future well-being of precious young people who live a public lifestyle.

Zenas Rush, the Youth Ministry Leader of the Northern Virginia Family Church had received his physical certificate a couple of week earlier during a service at the Northern Virginia Sunday Service.  Since he was helping with this Unified Sunday Service at the New Hope Family Church in Bowie, MD he was able to be recognized on stage as well.  Zenas is very grateful to be able to attend the Nursing Program Northern Virginia Community College.

Melissa Manor, the Youth Ministry Leader of the New Hope Family Church in Bowie, MD heads the largest youth program in SubRegion 2.  Her academic program is the Masters of Divinity at Unification Theological Seminary (UTS), most of which can be completed on-line.  She is excited that this scholarship enables her to reach a new level of capability in church leadership.

Natascha Phillips is the Youth And Young Adult Ministry (YAYAM) Coordinator for SubRegion 2.  She, also, is a student at UTS pursuing the accelerated Masters degree in Religious Studies. Her motivation is to hone her skills in comprehensive religious dialogue as our Family Federation engages Christian leaders across the nation and around the world.  She expressed genuine gratitude for this great gift and the opportunity to reflect the love and truth of True Parents to the world.

Ernest Patton
Southeastern Subregional Director


 OCTOBER 26th, Saturday, 1 to 4 pm 

YSP Launch (Youth and Students for Peace), at

NEW HOPE FAMILY CHURCH (4801 Tesla Dr, Bowie, MD 20715)

Who is invited to the launch event?

Although anyone can attend, students and young adults of all background between the ages of 16 and 40 are especially encouraged.

What is YSP?

YSP is a global initiative to foster youth and students to more actively engage in service projects and character development focused on peace that have both global and intercultural impact.

What should the attendees bring?

Anything to take notes, but up to individuals’ preferences. Also, lots of questions about YSP; check out yspusa.org ahead of the event and get your questions answered at the event.

See Flyer below. More info at  https://yspusa.org/, or CONTACT: Sunghoon Park, SR2 YSP coordinator, sunghoon@yspusa.org

Korean Language Classes

12 Korean Language Classes

by Mrs. Misook Jang

Every Saturday from Sept. 14 to Dec. 14, 2019

The FEE is $60.00 for three months or $20.00 per month if you have the original book and materials. The FEE is  $90.00 for three months or $30.00 per month to cover the cost of the original book and materials if you don’t have them.

If you are interested please RSVP to quetzaldiosa@yahoo.com and attend the ORIENTATION CLASS this Saturday, Sept. 14th at 10:20 AM, at Northern Virginia Church Learning Center. We will get to know each other and determine our class level.