Guidelines for Visiting Churches

Please see below some guidelines for when you visit churches this Sunday.

1.    The goal is to make a relationship with them centered on common values so we can work together in the future to bring peace and goodness to our communities, nation and world.

2.    It is up to each person to decide whether you introduce yourself to the pastors as ACLC volunteer member or WFWP, UPF or CARP.

3.    After the service greet the pastor and introduce yourself.

4.    It is very important to talk to the Pastor first because no pastor likes when his sheep is stolen.

5.    Mrs. Yokoyama has some ACLC brochures and ACLC WIM seminar invitation flyers. You can call her at 703-309-9082 and pick them up before you go to church. Also, there are some brochures and flyers in the foyer of the LC.

6.    It is very helpful to research the church that you are going to visit by taking a look it’s website in advance.

7.    You can pray that HP & TP will guide you to meet a good pastor.

8.    Mrs. Hiraki (The spiritual mother of Bishop. Noel Jones) said we should sit down in the back of the worship hall and dress nicely. ( Be humble)

Guidelines for Visiting Churches

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