YOUTUBE NOVAFAMILYCHURCH 3 or short link are the location URL primary Live stream video for Novafamilychurch

in Fairfax VA  at the Learning Center.  

10:00 am – 12:00 pm on most every Sunday.

See USER or VIEWER instructions below on how to get the best results for using and viewing the live- Stream at your computer or laptop or phone.

Youtube page

THE OFFLINE VIEW looks like above it will say Live stream offline


THE ONLINE VIEW looks like the above


Background. Our Internet Service speed is at 30Mps download / 10Mps upload.  The upload speed is the most important part because we are transmitting to YouTube Video servers using most the upstream of our Cox internet business provider. That upstream is reliable enough to support our transmission of 720p and clear audio. Our Live Streaming abilities have been and continue to be used for other events besides regular Sunday Service.  The instructions and tips below can help with other Video audio interactive services and event provided through Facebook, Zoom etc.  Note: that Live means in near REAL TIME.  With all service there are delays of a few seconds to a minute from what you as viewer hear and see and what is actually happening at our Learning Center location.

With regard to YouTube you can participate somewhat with what is going because we do monitor the LIVE chat that is available in any version of YouTube.  We do monitor comment regarding lack of audio or video  or any other technical problem and we post them there too.

Shutdown browsers on other computers and use only one browser on the receiving computer, laptop or phone.

Use only one tab or window in the one browser on the one computer.

Clear all caches and cookies in the one browser on the one computer.

Use a computer or laptop with a direct Ethernet connection to your router or modem.  WiFi connection will always be slower than Ethernet wired connection.

Some laptops and computers have better Ethernet connections, the max being 1Gbps.  It is not always possible to use the speed of your cpu or age of your computer or laptop to determine speed of the included ethernet included.  Same is true of included WiFi.

Things like making sure ones external speakers are good, tested and you know how operate there volume and mute controls.

Being aware that external speakers will have volume control different from computer system volume.  

The same is true with mute controls.

Chrome and other browsers can mute separate tabs or windows.

YouTube volume and mute control is different from your system or speaker volume.

YouTube users – viewers can select lower bandwidth video like 480p instead 720 or 1080p.  This control is available inside of the video by clicking on one of the icons.

Phones and tablets will often force YouTube to a rate lower than a computer.  This might be useful.

More technical is choosing different location or DNS servers to trick connection to less used YouTube servers.  VPN services rarely work this way.

Also, ask your isp internet service provider why you may not getting at least 85% of the advertised speed they sold you.

Another way less tech to do that is try home internet isp and if needed switch to internet data from your phone.

To get the best viewing close all other windows and tabs in your browser or other browsers.

If you have trouble viewing the live stream, please refresh your browser.

WE will try to keep you up to date via the chat unless or connection to YouTube  completely dies.

The audio is input from two mixers at the Learning Center live and includes the background audience sound like the clapping, applause and laughter.   Also a Mic is passed around to someone in the audience. 


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