Official Memo FFWPUI 2019-077, Application for 2019 GTGY

To :      Regional Group Chairs, Special Emissaries, Regional Presidents, Special Envoys, National Leaders

Cc :     Regional Youth and Students Department Directors, HQ staff

From : Family Federation for World Peace and Unification 324-275 Misari-ro, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 12461Tel: +82-31-589-2320 Fax: +82-31-589-1008 E-mail: Homepage: Ref. No. FFWPUI 2019-077

Date :  3.24 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 7th Year of Cheon Il Guk (April 28, 2019)

Re. :    2019 Global Top Gun Youth HJ CheonWon Special Workshop Hosted by True Parents

May the blessings and love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with all mission nations.
We would like to announce that True Parents will be hosting the 2019 Global Top Gun Youth HJ CheonWon Special Workshop for the sake of future generations of the global Unificationist family. Hence, we humbly request the full support of leaders in the field in recruiting many young people, CARP and Seonghwa-student leaders for this special workshop. Please refer to the information below for details:

1. Event Name: 2019 Global Top Gun Youth HJ CheonWon Special Workshop Hosted by True Parents
2. Schedule: 14-day workshop for Seonghwa students, 16-day workshop for young adults and CARP members.
 A. Seonghwa students’ workshop: July 22 to August 4, 2019 (14 days)
 B. Young adults and CARP members’ workshop: August 6 to 21, 2019 (16 days)
3. Venue: HJ Cultural Center (Cheongshim International Youth Center)
4. Participants: 1,200 young adults, CARP members, university students, and Seonghwa students that meet the required workshop standards
 A. Young adults and CARP members: 600 (Korea: 150; Japan: 200; International: 250)
 B. Seonghwa students: 600 (Korea: 150; Japan: 200; International: 250)

* Please note, we are recruiting only high-school students for the Seonghwa students’ section (year of birth 2003 or earlier); and “young adults” here refers to young single members of 30 years of age and under (year of birth 1989 or later).

5. Participant Qualifications:
 A. Common Standards (Participants must satisfy all of the following):
  1) A young member having a model life of faith (In the case of a first-generation member, someone who has a model life of faith and who has been attending the church for at least one year)
  2) A young member recommended by his or her local church or national leader
  3) A young member who is proficient in one of the following languages: Korean, Japanese or English (Only Korean, Japanese, and English interpretation will be provided.)
 B. Additional Standards (Each participant must meet at least one of the following standards):
  1) A young member who is either a student president or representative in his or her nation or church
  2) A young member who has completed or is attending a church-leadership program operated by his or her local church or nation (e.g. Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionary,
STF, Jr. STF, full-time public course or program, Top Gun, etc.)
  3) A recipient of a Wonmo Pyeongae scholarship
  4) A young member with excellent academic results (Students attending top schools, or with very good school records, etc.)
6. Participation Fee
 A. Korea: Seonghwa students 150,000 won / Young adults & CARP members 150,000 won
 B. Japan : Seonghwa students 100,000 won / Young adults & CARP members 100,000 won
 C. Other countries : Special support from True Parents

* The participation fees of Korean and Japanese participants will all be used to support the airfares of participants coming from Africa, Asia, South America and other regions. (With regard to airfare support, we will notify regions individually at a later date.)

7. Major Aspects of the Workshop Program
 A. Special meeting with True Parents
 B. Divine Principle, True Parents’ life courses, readings from the three Cheon Il Guk Holy Scriptures
 C. Holy Ground pilgrimage in the providential homeland of Korea
 D. Blessing education, Career path planning
 E. YSP Peace Designer activities
 F. Special education and leadership development that can contribute to the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk
8. What to Prepare
Exposition of the Divine Principle, pens and notepaper, personal medications, training shoes/sneakers (necessary), a simple bag for your shoes (one in which you can keep them and carry them around), neat-looking black pants (black skirt for sisters), personal hygiene and grooming products, pocket money, white t-shirt(s), FM radio (required for listening to simultaneous interpretation), traveler’s insurance policy documents (for non-Koreans)
9. Administrative Details
 A. Each regional HQ should submit its proposed number of participants to IHQ Youth and Student Department by May 15.
 B. The precise list of participants should be made using the form attached to this memo, and must be submitted to the person-in-charge by June 15.
 C. Person-in-charge: Mr. Soo Ho Kim, Youth and Student Department, FFWPU IHQ (e- mail:
 D. All participants may check-in to their accommodations two days before the opening ceremony.
 E. Bus transportation from Incheon International Airport to Cheongshim International Youth Center will be provided.
 F. All participants must obtain personal traveler’s (medical) insurance.
10. Attachment: GTGY Participants List Form

Letter to SR2 Communities;; Official Memo FFWPUI 2019-077, Application for 2019 GTGY

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